Meet Darrin Davis

Hello fellow seekers, my name is Darrin. I take groups to Peru on transformational journeys to work with the top shamans there. This work is very important to me and I love to see the growth and healing that comes from these journeys with the people I take there. But before that I would go to Peru twice a year for my own healing. 

I had a headache every day for three years. Western medical said nothing was wrong and that I was just getting older and that’s what older felt like. Then they asked if I wanted antidepressants. “I don’t want to feel good about feeling bad,” I relied! So I never took them. 

My searching lead me to a woman named Mama Kia who started a home for orphaned children in Sacred Valley. She took 33 kids in off the streets and gave them a home. It was by no chance that I was lead to her. (It’s a very long and amazing story). She took me to my first ayahuasca ceremony where I truly believe I released an energetic parasite. Next day I had no headache. This was my first window of clarity and I returned to Peru for more of my own healing. 

Years later, it is I who now introduces this work to others. I host a support group for like-minded seekers called Medicine Monday to assist in spreading this message of healing, exploring different spiritual modalities, teaching personal development and meditation practices. This has become my work. 

Part of that is with rapaé. I was very against it in the beginning as I’ve never been a fan of tobacco and couldn’t imagine using this plant in a powder form up my nostrils. But as I learned, and as I was taught by my teachers, I slowly came around to trying it. (This took years). Wow! It was nothing like tobacco smoke at all! The sensations and clarity I received was mind blowing. I integrated rapaé into my practice. 

Medicine Monday starts off with rapaé for those who choose to use it. I’ve become a rapaé teacher and guide to this medicine. I’ve had moments so profound that it rivals my most important Aya ceremonies. It’s become part of my practice, connection, clearing, and healing. 

I have been told that the rapaé I bring back from South America is the best people have used. After so many years I have found what I think is the very best from the most trusted shamans I know. It is this that I share now with others. I bless the rapaé for each person with their highest intentions in mind. I love helping people and this medicine is truly helping so many – myself included. 

I thank Mama Kia for introducing me to something that would change my life. And I continue her legacy by spreading this message to others. After Mana Kia passed from cancer I have continued to befriend her orphanage, bring donations from the US, and later became the president of the orphanage organization for three years. They are part of my Peruvian family. 

I teach – but I am always a student. I continue to learn from the masters and assist in those who hear the call to learn. 

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I with you healing, connection, joy, and meaning… but most of all I wish you love. 

Blessings upon blessings,